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Industrial IoT Automation

One Version of TRUTH. Increase profit. Reduce manual errors. We address challenges you face by Implementing IoT Solutions in your industry

Home IoT Automation

Make your Home Smart with our IoT based Wireless Home Automation Solutions with Artificial Intelligence. Stay comfortable. Enjoy with family

Custom IoT development

We are strong in bringing your idea into reality faster and at affordable cost. We develop customised electronics, IoT hardware and IoT software solutions

No more manual errors! No more confusions!

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Use Cases:

  • Smart Oil Level Indicator Solution to know the oil level and plan storage.
  • Smart Traffic Management Solution to monitor & control the in-plant logistics.
  • Smart Nurse Calling Station to attend patients on-time always
  • Smart Sensor Switch for adding convenience and saving electricity
  • Smart Water Level Controller to Turn On & Off the water motor automatically
  • Smart Voice Controlled automation solutions through Amazon Alexa & Google Home
  • Smart Temperature Monitor & Logging solutions for Cold storage chain

Our proven IoT solutions accelerate process improvement from Day 1.

  • Solving the UNSOLVED CHALLENGES in the industry with effective utilization of the latest technologies like Internet Of things, Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
  • We are specialized in providing Customized Automation solutions.

How we do custom IoT automation?

  • We listen to your process, understand the needs & start with solving one key challenge.
  • We work with industries willing to invest in technology  & Stay ahead in the game
  • We provide solutions that are simple, scalable & value for money
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