Stepping Towards the CHALLENGE Zone

  • Started with ZERO Customer base….
  • We have reached 1000 prospective customers now. (August 18 2011)
  • As discussed during the launch of company, we had a  management level meeting today afternoon.
  • It made a big change in deciding the primary objective of the Lab2Life.

Now our main focus on Surveillance industry is towards…

  • Solving the UNSOLVED CHALLENGES in the Security domain with effective utilization of technology.
  • We are moving towards the Customized Surveillance solutions.

Why we made such a change?

  • We interacted to more than 5000 people looking for surveillance solutions.
  • We clearly understand that people are not scared to pay decent money for high quality product.
  • But they are scared because , what if the product stop working & there’s no one to provide service.
  • So, this fact clearly taught us that if we can SOLVE the UNSOLVED CHALLENGES with proper service, people are happily paying us.

An Example Solution:

  • We can provide you surveillance cameras with  360° coverage & very high resolutions.
  • For most of you, It can be something always on a dream, Now we can make it an reality.


  • Lab2Life Solution is moving towards  more challenging Surveillance projects.
  • We are open for the CHALLENGES now.
  • We quit from dealing with low cost projects with normal cameras. Because our team is tired repeating the same tasks again & again.
  • Our existing clients will get all the benefits as mentioned in our earlier contract.
  • We are throwing ourselves from comfort zone to CHALLENGE zone.


  • A completely NEW website packed with product information, training materials, case studies, Customer interaction portal & lot more stuff you can use, is to be launched shortly.
  • IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTION/IDEAS for our new website development let us know.
  • Coming to our business point, Feel free to call me @ 91-9159007007 for any challenging surveillance requirements.  We are eager to solve it.