IR Camera

Image : Indoor Vandal Proof IR Camera

Is it possible to record a footage @ 100% darkness?


How its done?

Its possible with emission of Human eye Invisible InfraRed light signals(850nm/940nm) to capture the image

An IR camera uses infrared light instead of the regular lighting spectrum in order to produce better images even in complete darkness or low light conditions. Night vision cameras can record only in black and white, but most of them will record color during the day or during availability of reasonable light source.

Sample Video :

Have a look at this video . It helps you to understand how IR Camera’s footage will be.


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“CCTV “is the term know to all.

Expansion for CCTV:  Closed Circuit TeleVision.

What is CCTV?

Using video cameras for video signal transmission to a closed group of people, using limited set of display devices is known as CCTV.

In general video signal transmission is linked with broadcasting. TV channels that are aired can be watched by anyone. They can be classified as open communication.

Whereas, in a CCTV its available only to a set of people with privileges to access the system. Not everyone can monitor the CCTV output like we are watching satellite channels like Sun TV , Jaya TV, etc.